Toxin Free Landscapes



Stewardship of the land is not just my privilege, it’s my responsibility. By helping residents create toxin free landscapes, I am also helping to preserve the unique beauty on the South Fork of Long Island for my own family and all the generations to come.  Organic landscaping is about finding balance between the needs of our clients and the character of the land.  When we work with the environment instead of against it everyone wins.  We are all out here for a reason.  Let's work together to preserve it, one organic landscape at a time.  

-Jason norris  


Our Roots

I started this company in 2014 after the birth of my fist child.  I had already been mentored in organic land care by PRFCT Earth founder Edwina von Gal, when mowing lawns was just my side job.  It was important when creating my own business to do something that was in line with my passions for living on the East End, creating a great life for my family, and doing service for my community.  Organic landscaping was the obvious path.  Since then Norris Organics has quickly grown from one push mower in the back of my pickup, into a full service company capable of creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces for year round and seasonal residents from Montauk to Southampton!  


Our Service

Whether you are installing, refreshing or maintaining your landscape, Norris Organics has you covered.  We start from the soil up, getting a scientific analysis of your biomass (the world that lives in your dirt!).  From there we can create the foundation for a thriving toxin free landscape.  Every property is unique.  Lighting, proximity to the water, pests, soil composition, size, what you use the land for - all of these things factor in to the the custom designed plan of action we create for you.  For each property we asses water management, turf maintenance and composition, planting and plant compatability, pruning, fertilization, pest prevention, tree health, weed elimination, and design.  And that's just the basics!  Click below to learn more about what we do, or contact us today to schedule a consultion and site review.